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Because Birth Is a BIG DEAL!

Hiring a birth photographer to capture the most memorable images of your life.
Mama pulling baby up to her chest for the first time.

When it comes to preparing for a baby there is much to prepare for, on top of so many choices to make. Sometimes, hiring a birth photographer gets looked over. I am here to encourage you to stop and think about that choice, from a mama who hired a birth photographer for the first time with her 5th baby and regret not having one for all of them.

We can all agree that preparing for birth is a huge life event. First, you decide whether you want to know the gender or not, what is the most essential things to buy, should you hire a doula(YES, but that’s for another post), what to pack for your birth bag and what about a name for baby? Also, the one thing that really crosses our mind is our birth plan. One thing is for sure, a birth photographer should be on that list. I am here to tell you the top 5 reasons you should hire a birth photographer.

Hiring a birth photographer to give you and your partner permission to be present.
Being Present.
1. Permission to be Present

We can all admit to pulling out our phone during a relevant time in our lives to capture what to us is most important. During birth is no different, well, except this is probably one of the most memorable events in your lives! Plus, birth is so unpredictable! Hiring a birth photographer on your birth team, means that you and your spouse have absolute permission to be present. There is no cloud over your head saying I want him to document this, or even worse looking back to your birth and regretting you didn’t get that moment documented.

Hiring a birth photographer for everyone to be present.
Everyone being present.

Let me be transparent, I was a young mom, my first baby I had my best friend try to video my daughters birth and it didn’t go very well, and then with my next 3 I had my mom take images when I wish she could have been more present as she has always been my “doula”. It wasn’t until my 5th baby when I finally hired a birth photographer, and I couldn’t have been more happy with my decision. I hired the same photographer, for our next babe due in Oct!

Strength Within.
You are strong mama!
2. A Reminder of Your Strength

We often forget how damn strong we are during labor and birth, because sometimes what goes through our head is sometimes the complete polar opposite of what your birth photographer sees and captures. That’s right mamas, you are a damn warrior princess, you literally grew another little human, labored for sometimes days and birthed your baby no matter how, you still birthed your baby. You need to see just how STRONG you really are, and that is through the documentation of your birth.

Hiring a birth photographer to remember the emotion and feel the connection.
True Documentation of Real Connection and Emotion.
3. Remembering the Emotion and Feeling the Connection

Birth is one of the most raw emotional connections I have ever been able to document. I remember during the birth Makaio(our 3yo and 5th babe.) the after emotions. But what I lacked, was remember the true and raw connection between Will and I, I could remember little did bits. But I felt there was so much more. Then, I get the my images back from my photographer, and I just cry, literally bawled like I was feeling the connection all over again. That is an experience I strive to give my birth clients.

Birth is a big deal!
4. Because BIRTH is a BIG DEAL!

As we can equally say your Wedding Day was/is a big deal…oh did I tell you I was a full time wedding photographer before births? NO!

Most brides hire a wedding photographer, because it is a big deal. I assure you the birth of your child whether your 1st, 2nd or even in my case your 6th child, it also is a BIG DEAL, and for most even a BIGGER!

Remembering the details, that at one point you thought weren't that significant.
Intricate Details are so important.

Remember all of the important details that were documented on your wedding day? Some details you don’t remember or even thought about documenting. Well, your birth photographer will also be documenting those little details you thought may not be a big deal until afterwards.

5. The Experience is Worth the Investment(and I will help you every step of the way.)

I get it, you are preparing for a baby which is huge when it comes to finances. I am here to help you with that, I have payment plans, and we can even add it to your registry as well! But when I say the experience is the worth the investment, I mean it. I know I am committed and dedicated to you every step of the way. I will answer any questions, which a lot of my clients ask about pregnancy, labor and birth because being a mom of 5 I have definitely been through a lot of different scenarios because every birth is unique in its own.

My goal is to make sure you feel supported and that you trust me to document everything, whether it be a 4 day labor or a 13 hour labor. I am here for you, and I will document your true story, everything about it.

I have never met someone who regretted hiring a birth photographer, actually is opposite I have met and I have been to regret not hiring one. It is a investment that you will cherish for lifetimes.

Every birth story deserves to be captured and told. They are all unique.
Every birth story is unique.

If you are ready to book your birth story contact me by clicking on the button below. I also offer raw motherhood sessions, Fresh 48, Maternity and Newborn Documentary.

Thank you for reading this far. Until next time…

Much Love,


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