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San Diego Birth Photographer, Baby G meeting his mama for the first time.
The Phone Call

It was 4am on August 24th when I got the phone call that mama was in labor. Being a birth photographer means you are on call no matter the time. Living on one side of San Diego (Oceanside) and they live on the other side, which is about an hour or so away, it was time to go. I like to capture early labor. After all, I am documenting one of the best moments of your life.

I totally forgot my coffee because of pure excitement, this was my first paid birth and I couldn’t help but be giddy! When I arrived, mama was laboring beautifully. Her husband was making a coffee run and asked if I wanted anything. And of course my answer was HECK YES, give me the caffeine boost.

Even a birth photographer needs some coffee.
Story of Rebirth

The bond between these two was amazing to capture. The laughed through the pain when she could, and he knew exactly when she needed him to be present. Her doula was absolutely amazing, I cherish the different skills I learned. We went on walks, her husband finished their bathroom and made some good food. Throughout the day her birth team cheated her on, and helped guide her. As soon as she was ready to shower, both myself and her doula knew transition was coming. Sure enough, transition was right after she got out. It was now time to head to the hospital.

Being present for his wife during labor. This is what birth photography is all about.
The role of a doula. San Diego Birth Photographer.
He was there for her every step of the way. San Diego Birth Photographer.
Even in the bathroom he was there to support her. San Diego Birth Photographer.
Trying to walk out the baby. San Diego Brith Photographer.
Breathing in this moment. San Diego Birth Photographer.
Her doula being the best support. San Diego Birth Photographer.
This is what really kicked started her active labor. San Diego Birth Photographer.
Be present in the pain with his wife. San Diego Birth Photographer.
Being the best support for his wife and helping her up. San Diego Brith Photographer.

Being a San Diego Birth Photographer, I know most of clients only live about 20 min away from a hospital, and about the same from a birth center. The drive to their hospital was only about 20 min, my poor client was so far into her transition that her husband was trying to be present for her while driving. Which then lead him to miss a couple exits, but we still ended up getting there in a timely manner. I honestly can’t remember how long she was pushing for, it went by so fast. But she was birthing warrior!

Baby G was eager to meet us earthside, weighing in at 7lbs and bright eyed. Mama and him enjoyed their skin to skin time, and he latched on like a champ. Dad was very proud of mama and baby G as you can see in his reactions!

Her birth story lasted a total of 13 hours, 10 hours laboring at home and 3 hours birthing at the hospital. She had the birth she dreamed of and I am so honor she shared her birthing space with me.

I want to work with you.

I cannot explain how emotional it is to me to be able to capture such raw emotion. Getting to witness the true definition of love at first sight. Being a San Diego Birth Photographer is something I do not take for granted. If you want your birth story to be told in its truest raw form I would love to be part of your birth team.

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Until next time, much love to y’all!


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