"There's something about being broken in various times of your life; that makes you a more complete person"

J. Iron Word


It took me to be completely vulnerable on  the Hello Storyteller podcast that had interviewed me, that made me realize…you know what I have a pretty powerful story to tell. It can help empower others and it made me into the woman I am today!

I grew up in a small town in Oregon, known as Dallas…no not Texas I promise. Growing up I endured traumatic childhood sexual abuse. Art was something I used to escape my reality. I spiraled quickly out of control in my teens while hiding this “secret”. I became pregnant in my teens and had my daughter 6 months before my 18th birthday. While she was a toddler I had the opportunity to take a lie detector test and then pursue to press charges against my biological dad. He was sentenced about 15 years in prison and I soon had my son after the sentencing trial.

So there is this physiological mechanism our brains do when we face trauma in such away for so long without help. You tend to attract a spouse that is very similar to your abuser. And that is exactly what had happened with me. I was faced as a young mother with a abusive boyfriend. I had no idea what to do when the time came where we officially ended our relationship I was pregnant with our 3rd child. But, that decision to not go back to him EVER was the best decision for me and my children.

I was able to focus on myself and my children, going to back to college, and finishing what I started. A few years down the line as a single mother I was faced with a horrible child custody case that would last 8 years. And in the mix of my crazy mess of a life, is when I met my knight in shining armor, as they put it. He kept me grounded in one of the most difficult times of my life. This was also the time he pushed me to follow my dreams, instead of being miserable working as a hospice nurse…when a photography business was planted.

So lets fast forward a bit, as most relationships we went through our patches of hard times. But we always persevered! We were in a place in our lives with a lay off and barely any money in savings and decided it was time to first get rid of the big house and the car payment. We found ourselves purchasing a 1972 VW Bus and living in a studio…yes you heard me a studio. At this time, we had my 3 older children and another little one together. A year passed by, and Will brought up purchasing a fifth wheel and living in that all while traveling in our bus. I thought he was wild and crazy, but hey I LOVE wild and crazy.

So our part time traveling journey began while I photographed weddings most of the time, and living the most simple life on an orchard part of the time. We lived this lifestyle for almost 6 years! I must say I LOVED it, when finally my custody battle ended all 3 of my children could come back home full time and permanently. It was time to lay some roots where we decided to do so in Oceanside, CA in a house that was probably way to big but we LOVED it. We called that home for 2 years, when we realized we can’t save any money to buy our own home living where we were. So, we both kind of looked at each other and said…what about Mexico. I have NEVER been outside of the US, but I was determined. We spent our days exploring and learning, took the kids on day trips and quickly fell in love. Found a smaller house to rent but in the most AMAZING community where the kids actually could be kids and meet friends. I decided it was time to change my career path of weddings and go into births after I photographed a birth last August.

And here we are…present…I know it was long winded, but I feel my story is what makes me who I am today. I am a survivor with wild dreams that I go after. I do not allow my past to determine my road map. I am committed to my family and I am committed to my clients.