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Personal Journal Entry 01

We all have our own journeys, let me share mine. One of perseverance and finding birth photography. I was contemplating what my first blog should be in this new internet space. While going through images this adventure at one of our favorite nurseries in Carlsbad popped up. This was significant because to me flowers remind me of change.

Now, I am sure you are wondering why is change so important to me right now?

Well, this year has been an orbe of change not only for me personally, but as a family and for my business. We made a significant move 3 months ago after living in our home for 2 years. It was time to move on, our kids needed more community. Our neighborhood wasn’t exactly littered with kids. The majority were newly retired, or soon to be retired empty nesters. We LOVED our neighbors there just wasn’t enough community for the kids.

The kids have decided to go to a charter school in Escondido where their dad graduated from, and I will be officially homeschooling Alakai and Makaio. We moved into a smaller house, it’s more a condo. BUT, we traded that for community. Everyone is super close, the kids play outside with their friends on a daily, we have a community pool and park. We couldn’t have asked for a better plan.

Oh, did I mention we are also expecting our final little coconut in October 2019? No? Well, that is another amazing change we are embracing and feel so blessed.

Awakening of my soul.

Now, onto what has woken me up as a business. I have been in business now for almost 11 years. I have primarily been photographing weddings, engagements and families. But, feeling drained, and large weddings were no longer a passion. I went to a workshop called Hustle & Flow, and although I went to learn about hustling weddings, I gained so much more. If you are looking for an amazing business workshop, then you need to sign up for the next available one. Here is their link:

See, 2 months before the workshop I had just photographed my first paid birth. It lit something in me that I hadn’t felt in about 6 months. I was fueled with passion for the art of photography again. But, this time it was what I fell in love with photography to begin with…TRUE Documentary photography. After, the workshop, I swore I would get it together and build my site, but still under the impression weddings is what I was good at and where it was at, until I received a inquire the was referred to me by my August mom. It was for another birth, for May of 2019, and after that I received another inquire from local photographer for June of 2019, which I look forward to continue with my birth photography.

I knew, after the birth in May, that birth is where my passion is, that TRUE LIFE DOCUMENTARY is where my heart has always stood. So, here I am in transition from Large Weddings, to birth photography and documenting your life organically.

I am really excited to be sharing with you all of this new work and my wild life stories from the past, present and goals for the future.

Until next time, much love from me!

Neka Rae

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