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The most important memories in your life is worth investing to ensure they are able to be preserved for lifetimes.

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Why Work with Me?

It's Your Birth Experience

and that experience can change everything.

I know how intricately you have made decisions about your birth. Now, to invite someone into such a sacred and intimate space with you while you are at your most vulnerable, is such a big deal. Trust me, I have lived it, I completely understand. I am here to assure you that being a mom of 5 and soon to be 6 little ones. I bring an energy with a sense of relief, safety and support. I have a strong understanding of the physiological process of birth in any circumstance. I have photographed numerous births in all sorts of settings.

Birth photography isn’t just about documenting and preserving the memory of your child’s birth. It’s about reminding you, that you are powerful, capable and strong. These images are meant to empower you, they will transform the relationship you have with yourself.

How to Work with Me

My Services

The Standard Birth Story

-Prenatal Consultation
-On-Call from 38-42 weeks
- Labor, Birth and Postpartum Coverage (Right After Birth)
-Previews within 24-48 hours of birth
-All images, in a high resolution downloadable online album.

+Talk to me about adding to your registry and payment plans.


Life Documentary

Maternity, First 48, Newborn, Motherhood RAW, Postpartum Uncensored, Family Photojournalism, Love Stories(couples).
-Pre-session Consult
-Most sessions are 60-90 min
-Vision Board I make specifically for you. Goes over your story line and what to wear.
-25 images



Where your love story started.

-4 hours coverage
-travel included up to 100 miles
-2 photographers
-all images included, downloadable online gallery


The Details

Do you offer bundles?

YES!!! I absolutely offer different types of bundles. They all range in different pricing as each bundle is unique. The different types of bundles I offer:

*Maternity, Birth, First 48, Newborn
*Maternity, First 48, Newborn
*Babies First Year(this comes with multiple choices)
*I also offer special vacation stories!

Why hire a birth photographer?

Each and every birth is unique all on its own, it's unpredictable and you are most definitely in your most vulnerable state. And with that you are uncertain who you want in your birthing space. I consider myself a caring and committed member of your birthing team, I am dedicated and present to support you. I take the chaos and show the absolute beauty of your personal brith experience. I work quietly and unobtrusively, although you may hear a little voice at times giving you encouragement, saying you got this mama. This is your story, sacred to you and I aim to give you images to help you process your experience and show you are extremely powerful and that love at first sight is real.

What does it mean to be on call for my birth?

This means, that I will be putting myself in place to drop whatever I am doing and leave for your birth no matter the time. I have dedicated childcare, my equipment is charged and ready with me no matter where I go. Being on call is very much how your doula, doctor or midwife is on call. We will communicate regularly once you are 38 weeks, to ensure I do not miss a thing, don't be surprised to get a text of encouragement from me. Just remember communication is key.

When do you arrive?

I pride myself to not be like any other birth photographer. I like to arrive within the early stages of labor usually when you are about 3-4 cm if you are being checked or when your contractions are about 7-10 min apart. Since, I live in Mexico (only 20 min from the border, I also utilize the ready lane) I like to get there early. Also, because I feel we often look over the early stages of labor, and those are some crucial times, when you go for walks, when you're still alert and laughing. I want you to have your whole story documented.

How long do you stay?

I do not have a time limit on how long I will stay with you. I have had birth go from 6 hours to 4 days. I will document your story every step of the way! I generally will take a break during long labors, and if the laboring is days I stay with my brother who lives about 20 min from most hospitals and birth centers. Once baby is born, I stay between 1-3 hours afterwards to capture that raw emotion of love at first sight and all of the inn between details.

What happens if you miss my birth?

As we know it, birth are extremely unpredictable, which is why communication is key in the last few weeks of your due of the last couple weeks afterwards in the sense you go over your due date. This is also why I like to be there during early labor because this ensures I will not miss your birth. In the very rare case, I do not make it to your brith due to it moving very fast, I will still show up and capture a perfect story for you and stay about 4 hours and deliver the same amount and quality of images.

*Even on-call I always have a back up photographer that I trust, in case of a emergency, car accident, extreme illness, ect.

How far will you travel?

I mainly service all of San Diego County, Tijuana, Rosarito and through Ensenada. I have however traveled to Oregon and Washington to document births. If you are even further than that, I would LOVE to still document your birth and have plans in place to ensure I am there for you. Just Inquire and we will talk over details.

Do we meet before I give birth?

Most of my mamas bundle their story meaning, they hire for their Maternity, Birth, First 48 and Newborn. But if you decide you just want your birth story documented, then we can meet in person for some donuts and matcha...or any kind of food, or we can FaceTime. Either way, I make a absolute attempt to make sure we get to meet. But if times is not your friends, don't worry, I bring in a friendly energy where you will think you already knew me before hand, sometimes may even feel like part of the family.