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Baby G Fresh 48
Going Home

The moments of those first 48 hours, is exactly why Fresh 48 sessions are one of my favorites, right after birth of course. I met with Hailey and Cody right before they were released from the hospital. She wanted to document the departure and I of course LOVED the idea!

When I arrived they only had about 60 min before they were going to leave. So I grabbed my camera and documented as much as I could, from their last day in the hospital. From his last moments in the hospital basinet, getting ready for his first car ride and the anticipated walk to the car.

Fresh 48 Photography
Fresh 48 Photography
Fresh 48 Photography
San Diego Fresh 48 Photography
San Diego Fresh 48 Photography

Baby G was getting a little chilly. So he got all wrapped up and mama gave him lots of cuddles. See Baby G has 3 older brothers, so this time during his Fresh 48 session was such a sacred time.

It was time to get little man ready for his first time in the carseat. And maybe we squeezed in some more cuddle time with mama. Fresh 48 sessions are literally full of so many firsts, it’s an amazing thing to document for my families. And every single on is so uniquely different.

The Importance of those First 48 Hours

It’s a time that is sometimes so blurry we often forget. We forget how they would put there whole hand in their mouth, how tiny their fingers and toes were and we forget how fast their looks change in the matter of days.

I always tell my clients, if you decide to not document your birth…which trust me…I 100% am an advocate for documenting your birth here is the blog I wrote explaining more in depth. But I understand sometimes, it’s either not possible, or there is something else. At least, get those first 48 hours documented. Because by the time your newborn session happens which is around 7-10 days after birth, your babies looks have already changed so drastically fast that you tend to forget.

Until next time y’all….

Neka Rae

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