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The Philosophy & Vision

As your birth photographer, I will give you commitment and dedication which is the soul root of your experience with me. I want you to know that I will genuinely be there every step of the way and time will never be an issue.  I care about your story and documenting as true as I possibly can, so your memories are preserved with authenticity.

My vision is to provide you with imagery that not only speaks of your story but can also be felt.


Get to Know Me

Hi y'all, I'm Neka meaning Wild Goose in Native American. I would have to say my mom did a pretty dang good job naming me as I have lived up to it from day one. I was a wild one growing up and I still have that wild spirit about me. I love to travel in my 1972 VW Bus with my family, which is in the shop getting all fixed up. We just relocated to Mexico and we love it. Do not fret as I still service all of San Diego County!

Click on the button below to really get to know myself and even some of my family. Because after all they are the reason why I am who I am now.

Friskop Birth

We found Neka through our original photographer and it was the best decision we made for our birth team. After the birth of my son, I thought our photos would just show the pain I went through since that was all I remembered but going through just the sneak peeks I found that she captured so beautifully the parts I forgot about, the important parts of our journey to meeting our son; the elation, love, perseverance, support and joy. Talent aside Neka provided the value added service of commitment and support. She stayed by my side when she could have left, which is above and beyond what most photographers would have done, through our 4 days of labor and delivery. I’m so glad we had Neka as our photographer. Thank you Neka for the stunning photos and for being with me each and every step of the way!


Azimi Birth

Wowwwwww just looked at all the pictures!!!

I don’t even have words for how beautiful they are and how incredibly you captured it!!